Liech combines both of her passions, fashion & the sea, to create her premium swimwear brand ¨Liech Antel Swimwear¨.

Passionate about design in all expressions, fashion, graphic, image and interior designer. In 2016 she left her life in the land and started a new journey to sail the world with her boat ¨Soulmate¨ @soulmateatsea, dedicating her last years to discover the world and finding trends and art from other cultures, designing beachwear inspired by her journey throughout the sea. becoming one of the few Mexican women who have sailed around the world. 

Liech Antel Swimwear is a Mexican brand, 100% responsible with the environment and slow fashion. Each piece has the goal of being an artistic garment, made with sustainable fabric and high-quality details, resulting in limited editions and pieces than can be used as swimwear or dress bodysuits. 

Currently the brand is being distributed in Liverpool Marketplace and has presence in the hotels and concept stores more exclusives in México. It has participated in fashion shows nationally and internationally, sharing the runway with the best designers in México and having mentions in the best fashion magazines and newspapers.

¨Choosing to live sailing around the world has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I want everything I have experienced in this journey to be reflected in my designs, transmitting those qualities that women have and that lead us to move mountains, to build empires by being delicate but sensual at the same time.

My objective is to share through my designs something of my life sailing the world with you, and that women wearing a piece of my brand feel gorgeous, sensual, and secure of herself, without shame of their bodies¨. 

With love, Liech Antel.

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