Designer & global sailor.
Liech combines both of her passions, fashion & the sea, to create her premium swimwear brand ¨Liech Antel Swimwear¨.

In 2016 she left her life in the land and started a new journey to sail the world with her boat ¨Soulmate¨ @soulmateatsea.

Throughout the years of the journey, she designed beachwear inspired by the islands and cultures she met over the globe.

«Choosing to live sailing around the world has taught me more than anything I could imagine or thought. I want to share everything I’ve lived in this journey through my designs with sensitivity and transparency, capture those qualities that us women have that can take us to move mountains or build empires, but with that femininity, finesse, and sensuality at the same time.

I’m creating a dream, a dream that I’ve been drawing in my trips, inspired by everything my eyes have seen, and my needs (that are also yours) of an adventurer woman that want to look gorgeous while traveling.

I consider myself as an authentic and fun person, and that uniqueness is embodied in my swimwear, with their different and unusual shapes, in contrast to the normal bikinis in the market. Innovation and fun takes the spotlight, and that’s one of my main objectives in my designs, that you feel unique, fun, and sexy while wearing a Liech Antel Swimwear.

I believe in the power of details, and that’s why our collections are locally manufactured, each piece is handmade and has gone through a series of test and corrections, looking for that artsy, delicate, and comfy piece that meets my expectations and yours.

My objective is to share through my dream something of myself, and that women feel gorgeous, sensual, and secure of herself, without shame of their bodies, something similar as when you use heels, they change your attitude and even improve your posture. That’s how I want you to feel with a liech antel swimsuit¨.

With love, Liech Antel.

 Liech Antel, one of the few Mexican women who have crossed the Atlantic Ocean and sailed around the world.

Premium Swimwear. Designer brand created by Liech Antel